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Mermaid in England Bikini

Mermaid in England bikinis are so much fun and stand out from the crowd! They are like no other bikini! They change colour and pattern when they get wet! Yes when they get wet!
So take a dip in the pool in one bikini and you get out wearing a completely different one.
Such a genius concept.
There are so many colour ways to choose from too which adds to the whole fun of purchasing one and they each have cool quirky names. You can choose between a halter neck one piece or a halter neck bikini or bandeau bikini. 
I am a mummy to my three year old son and my body isn't like it was. I have a wrinkly deflated tummy and next to no boobs from breast feeding (They were pretty small before!) I always go for underwire and padded bras and look for that in a bikini too. The first thing I noticed about the Mermaid in England bikinis is they have no padding or underwire which are completely unflattering for me because I can't fill them and have always avoided bandeau styles.
So how was I going to make these fun bikinis work for me!
I can't believe I am telling you this but I remembered I had a chicken fillet strapless bra which I bought from Boux Avenue sometime ago for a dress that you could only go braless in. They are great for the smaller bust!
Problem solved, I just wore it under my bandeau bikini. I was able to sunbathe and swim in it!
So my conclusion if you too have a smaller bust you can still wear the exclusive Mermaid in England Bikini! If you've booked a holiday and fed up with your old boring bikinis you must check them out! See links below xx

images 1 & 2 - Vegas baby Bikini (silver) turns zebra print when wet (also comes in a one piece)
images 3 & 4 - Bermuda Betty Bikini (red) turns spotty when wet