Personal Styling - Bristol

    Helping you feel the best in your clothes
I style for women and men and provide a friendly, fun experience; I style for you.
I am passionate about styling for you so you can be your very best making you feel confident and amazing in your clothes. Nothing forced and uncomfortable, it has to be the real you.
Personal Styling isn't just for the rich and famous, it's for everyday women/men like you and me. I make it an affordable service so it's no more expensive than going to the hairdressers. Its all about well being and feeling amazing.
Whether you are in a rut with your wardrobe, you don't know the colours that flatter you or you need an outfit for a special event, my menu will help you choose the right service for you.

Styling Menu 

Wardrobe Edit        £85 (2hrs)

During a fun 2 hour wardrobe edit we will create outfits from the clothes you already have in your wardrobe and identify any items missing that would complement your existing wardrobe. We will shop your wardrobe first! We will also do a wardrobe detox and get rid of any clothes that you don't like anymore or don't flatter you.
Quantity does not mean quality!
If time saving organisation is what you need most of all, we can create a capsule wardrobe using existing and new items of clothing making your clothes work harder by creating different looks with the same item. This will take the stress out of dressing and you will have a wardrobe of clothes that work for you.
After our session I will send you the photos of the looks we put together and a shopping wish list of the clothes that would benefit your wardrobe. By no means do you have to buy everything on the list, its is just a guide for any future purchases.

Personal Shop       £85 (2hrs) 

Shopping with me will be a fun and enjoyable experience to take the stress out of shopping.
I want you to feel pampered on the day so let me do all the running around!
A lot of men and women find shopping overwhelming with so much choice out there so we tend to repeat buy items we feel safe with. I will take you a little out of this comfort zone, trying new things and clothes that will flatter you.
After a wardrobe consultation I will have discovered items missing from your wardrobe and we can focus on shopping for these items to suit your style. By no means do you have to get everything on the shopping list, it is for you to keep and it is just a guide for you to gradually add the items to your wardrobe if you wish to do so.
This will make the most of your existing wardrobe and also save the pennies.
If you don't want the wardrobe consultation first (although it really does benefit the shop) and just want the personal shopping experience we will have an informal chat first to discuss your requirements before we hit the shops.

Colour Analysis          £45 (1 hr)  

Find out what your most flattering colours are; that make you feel vibrant and don't wash you out.
We will find your perfect colours during a fun 1 hour consultation in the comfort of your own home or mine.

Virtual Styling          £85 (2 hours) 

If long distance is a problem I supply an online Face time service. I will get you to fill out a Questionnaire and send me a couple of photos, one full length and a head shot so I can see your body shape and colouring an learn more about you. This works for most of my services including the wardrobe edit. If you choose any of my personal shop services I will give you the links to all the clothes I have sourced.

Signature Style Packages 

Special Occasion - Special Occasion Shop £85 (2hrs)

I will take out the stress of 'What shall I wear?'
Whether it's a wedding, a formal event or just a night out I will source that perfect outfit so you feel confident for the occasion. Using a similar process to the personal shop we will have an informal chat first so I can learn what you would like to get out of our session. During the shop we will also source the perfect underwear for you so you can feel extra confident in your outfit. We will source the accessories to compliment your outfit too.

Mum on the run - Why not do all three! Colour, capsule wardrobe edit and shop £205

Four Seasons – Get wardrobe ready for the whole year! This package includes 2 wardrobe consultations and two personal shops. Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. We will refer back to your wardrobe giving you seasonal updates and transitional tips. £320 (with colour consultation it is £365)

Holiday Shop – Take the stress out of packing and not knowing what to pack. We will look at your existing wardrobe and shop for any new items that would benefit you on your hols £170 

Wardrobe to Shop – They go hand in hand! £170

Jeans Shop – It's one of the hardest items of clothing to shop for so let me help you find your perfect pair! £70

Wardrobe Detox – Marie Kondo style! We will have a big clear out and tidy so your wardrobe is organised and manageable! £85 (2 hrs)

Bride to Be – Find your dream dress with my help including a consultation and shop £200 (3hrs) 

Clothes Swap Party PackageFor 6 people £15 each (2hrs)