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"I style for women and men and provide a friendly, fun experience; I style for you. Rediscover your clothes and fall in love with them all over again. During a three hour wardrobe consultation we will recreate outfits from clothes you already have and identify any items missing. We will shop your wardrobe! All services begin with an informal chat over a coffee to find out what you want to get out of our session. It also enables me to get to know you a little bit more and find out your personality, lifestyle, shape and colours that suit you. This helps me to develop your style that is just right for you." Chrissy Ellis

My Services

Wardrobe Consultation
Following from the above find out the best way to organise, maintain and wear your clothes. Quantity does not mean quality; If time saving organisation is what you need most of all, we can create a capsule wardrobe for you using existing and new items of clothing. This will take the stress out of dressing and you will have a wardrobe of clothes that work for you. Effective wardrobe management will ensure a time saving process. During de-cluttering we can also look into effective storage making your life easier and your wardrobe will become an organised space which is a pleasure to open.

Personal Shopping
Shopping with me will be a fun and enjoyable experience to take out the stress of shopping. I want you to feel pampered on the day. A lot of women find shopping overwhelming with so many choice out there so we tend to repeat buy items we feel safe with. After a wardrobe consultation I will have discovered items missing from your wardrobe and we can focus on shopping for these items to suit your style. This will make the most of your existing wardrobe and also save the pennies. If you dont want a wardrobe consultation and just want the the personal shopping experience we will have an informal chat to discuss your requirements before we hit the shops. 

Colour Analysis
Find out the colours that flatter you, that make you feel vibrant and don't wash you out. We will find the colours that suit you the most during a fun one hour consultation in the comfort of your own home or mine.

Special Occasion Shopping
I will take out the stress of 'What do I wear?' Whether its a wedding, a formal event or just a night out we will source that perfect outfit so you feel confident and just right for the occasion. Using a similar process to the personal shop we will have an informal chat so I can learn what it is you would like to get out of our session. During the shop we will also source the perfect underwear for you so you can feel confident in your outfit and accessories to compliment it.

Virtual Styling
This is an exclusive online package and provides you with a look book of 10 looks. I don't actually meet you but from photos and my questionnaire I will learn more about you. All clothes I have chosen for your looks will link to the shops to purchase them if you wish to do so.

Holiday Shopping

Wedding Dress Shopping

Styling for Photography Shoots and Events 

Gift Vouchers Available for that special gift! 

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