About Me

I created a blog called Just So Fashion after moving to Bath from London, Bath has always been one of my favourite places to shop with its great independents, living there inspired me to start my fashion blog, to share my personal style, fashion tips, covering events and where to shop; basically to share my love for clothes. I have always wanted to be a part of the fashion industry and this was my way of finally getting involved. I then moved to Bristol with my partner, had a baby and Just so Fashion then merged into Chrissy Styles Me after I trained to be a Personal Stylist with The Image Consulting Company. I finally had my dream job!
I have always loved clothes from a very young age, I remember choosing outfits for my Mum to wear when I was very little and can remember my first vogue magazine with Kate Moss on the front cover in the early 90s. On my 12th birthday I even had a fashion show party with a do it yourself catwalk down the middle of the room. My Mum and Auntie were my style icons at a young age (and boy did my Auntie like to shop) so fashion was always around me.
My style I would say is quite retro, vintage mixed with high street, I love textures. I get style inspiration from people every day, I never stop looking. My top tip is to always shop your wardrobe first and if there is an item of clothing you are after you don't always have to buy high street, try charity shops and vintage shops too. A mix is fun and a more unique style.
With a background in photography I take all my own photos along the way except when I am infront of the camera, then my extremely patient partner Gez takes over. 

Thanks for Reading!