Bath in Fashion

I attended a fashion show at the Octagon last night for the Bath In Fashion week. Firstly I think having a week in Bath dedicated to fashion is such a great idea, Fashion is such a big part of Bath, it certainly drew me to the city.
During The week there have been talks by people in The Fashion Industry who you wouldn't usually get to meet and hear about stories behind the scenes and generally how it all works.
The fashion show I attended was fabulous, clothes were by Hobbs, Monsoon, Coast, Banana Republic, Reiss, Toast, LK Bennet and Jigsaw, all from the Spring collection. We were greeted with a glass of wine and a goody bag sat on our chairs. The venue was perfect and the show was extremely well presented. It was so great to be part of it.
Bath in Fashion is unfortunately only for one week but what a week! Bath and Fashion go perfectly together.
Christina x