Sorel Snow Boots!

Thought this was a much needed post today. Living in the south of the UK snow can come down hard but only lasts a week or so, having a good practical pair of snow boots is still worth it especially as they can be used for frost and wet weather too. Being pregnant at the moment and living on steep roads it can get a little treacherous when it snows. I have been sourcing my top pick non slip snow boots and have found the Canadian brand Sorel have come up trumps! My faves being the Explorer Carnival snow boot and the Winter Carnival snow boot. Not only do they look good they are waterproof and non slip! The Explorer carnivals are ankle height with a trainer look about them and the Winter carnivals are slightly higher looking more like a hardy boot. For style my preference are the shorter ones but only for light snow, in heavy snow I feel it is just going to go over the top and nobody likes freezing soggy socks. They come in striking colours though including rusty/black, Hiker green/black, Fawn/sea salt or black/sea salt. I immediately was attracted to the light Fawn/sea salt ones but once snow gets slushy and black on the city streets I can imagine white snow boots looking pretty bad......best for pure white snow on the piste. Darker colours are better for city living.
The Winter Carnivals come in great colours too including black/stone, camel brown, dark sees, pewter/black. If I lived in more snowy climes I would get both but instead I have the hard decision of choosing. Which ones would you get?



Chunky Winter Trainers

So its colder and the winter boots are making an appearance but sometimes they just don't cut the mustard and you want to be more casual and comfortable but still look stylish, this is when your trusty trainers come into play. I have been researching winter trainers for a couple of months and even though I'm a big fan of a crisp white trainer, I'm also loving all the colours in the stores right now. I'm also a big fan of the chunky soled Converse and Vans but they won't keep you warm in the winter unfortunately unless you go leather, Vans actually do a fluffy winter style. I have done a whole pinterest page https://www.pinterest.co.uk/chrissystylesme/autumn-trainers-2018/ on winter trainers inspo so you can check out my colourful picks there!
It's always useful to have a white pair of trainers but throw in a colour too for days you a feeling more confident and you want to make a statement! White trainers look great with pretty much any outfit and I love dressing down an outfit with them. I have to say I'm quite a Nike fan this season. I have a pair of Stan Smiths that I love but I'm loving the chunky white Nikes out there. Chunky trainers feel more wintery and look great in crisp white. Remember if you are up to a size 6 you can get away with kids trainers which are slightly cheaper! So here are some of my favourite chunky winter trainers for a little style inspo!