Dr. Martens - Back to the Future!

I was kindly invited to visit the new Dr. Martens shop in Bristol last Saturday and what ultimate coolness it is.  Apart from taking me back to my school days, it also brought me forward and opened my eyes to the amazing new ranges and styles they now have. The shop is like a jar of sweets. The colours and textures all jump out at you and you just want one of everything! You can’t help but pick the shoes up and feel them, the studs, the velvet textures and the eye catching patent. It is also the Best of British quality brand that is so appealing and their Made in England classic range proves to be forever popular.
Growing up I always knew the classic DM boot wasn’t for me, everyone else looked great in them but being little, well I just looked like Mini Mouse. The staff are fantastic in the store and I was recommended to try on a selection of boots for the complete DM experience  and was told I had to try the classic DM boot in Oxblood. I couldn’t resist trying them on. I absolutely love them and as you can see in the photo below, they didn’t look too ridiculously big on my little legs. I just think I am more suited to smaller boots with a heel. That is when I tried on the Roni boots in Oxblood from the ultra feminine Zita collection, they were just perfect! They looked great on and were so comfortable, even though they are high heels, they still have the air-cushioned sole Dr. Martens is famous for. They are definitely the DM boot for me!
This is what I love about Dr. Martens, they have something for everybody. I love their wide selection, they even do wellies! Perfect for festival time!
You must also check out the Dr. Martens leather satchels! They also come in all different mouthwatering colours, with or without studs, patent or matt …..they are simply timeless.

Photos courtesy of Dr Martens and Laura Rowlands @ Octane