Hollie Young - One to Watch!

Look out for this fresh and exciting fashion designer, our very own Hollie Young. Originally from the Bath area, Hollie has just graduated in Fashion Design and Business studies from Brighton University. She studied her Art and Design foundation course at The City of Bath College and then went on to do her MDes Level Fashion degree at Brighton. 

 Proud of her roots Hollie used Somerset as an inspiration for her final design work ‘Waif & Stray’.
“My collection of work has been inspired by rural Somerset before the outbreak of WW2. I have studied local cottage industries, mining, farming and blacksmiths in order to find inspiration in designing modern fashionable garments”
Hollie has been involved with Radstock Museum and the Museum of English Rural Life in Reading. Mulberry even sponsored her leather belt collection she uses to accessorise her garments!
“The collection comprises of tool and corn prints, wrapped leather belts, woven organic dresses, chiffon overalls and smock inspired linen jackets” 
I think you will agree her designs are inspirational, I personally love her tool apron dress, corn apron and leather belts, I would go and buy them tomorrow. Her designs are artistic but her clothes are wearable and versatile. Her work represents our British Heritage which in fashion today is important to keep hold of.
To see the garments as illustrations below is a real treat. I have a real love for fashion illustrations; every drawing is unique and a work of art in itself; they tell a story of the design process and it is great to see them alongside the final photos.
The university exhibition begins on June 8th and her final catwalk show will be held in London on June 14th at The Candid Arts Cafe in Angel. Check out Hollie’s collection on her website:


So what next for Hollie? “I am looking to establish myself as a freelance designer specialising in one off dress design and leather belt design and manufacture.” She will also soon be producing a bag collection inspired by rural leather craft and basketry. Definitely one to watch out for!

After graduation and a well deserved break, Hollie is going to be moving to London and undertake a design internship at Mulberry.

Congratulations Hollie!

Christina x

Fashion Design and Fashion Illustrations : Hollie Young
Photography : Beth Katia Manuel
Model : Charlotte A. Murren

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